Custom Powder Coating™ Pricing

Coating tableAt Custom Powder Coating we do everything, from blast, prep and coat in-house. We offer fair pricing and we appreciate your business, so we threat you like family..

We need to quote your work on an individual basis as every job is custom. Please send us a drawing or sketch with sizes, quantities and desired color. We’ll review your information and contact you with a quotation.

Customers call asking for an “approximate” cost to have something sandblasted and powder coated. Although we can’t give you exact pricing, this PDF will give you “ballpark” figures for some of the more common items. Please remember that this pricing is “approximate”. We’ll give you a firm written quote once we see the item and you pick a color.

ONE COAT = Solids and textures
TWO COATS = Candies & Metallics that require a clear coat.

Click Here for a PDF that lists the pricing for some of our more popular items.